New details of corruption schemes Salim Muslimov

The Baku Court of Court of Crime Courts continues the trial in the criminal case of the former Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the population Salim Muslimov, accused of excess of official powers and assigning 27 million manats of budget money, in bribery.

According to the Haqqı correspondent, witnesses to the criminal case were interrogated in the process. At first, Anar Guliev was interrogated as a witness. He said that the relative opened the company in his name. The company participated in tenders, Guliev signed the documents, but did not receive money for this.

Another witness Shukur Osmanov in his testimony said that 5 private houses for the disabled were built in the Shabra region.

In court it was noted that a shortage participated in the tender of a construction company found a shortage of 12 thousand 201 Manat. The witness said that the construction company belonged to Mushfig Gurbanov, now the deceased.

Later, the interrogated fixture of Gurbanov, the head of the pharmacy in Ganja, acted as a witness. In his testimony, he stated that during the time of Salim Muslimov, the city of Ganja concluded a contract in the amount of 5,800 manats with a rehabilitation center for the disabled. Of the 5800 manats paid, 1400 were returned as kickbacks.

The witness did not confirm these indications.

The judge said that the witness would be invited to the next meeting, and he will be presented with a contract with the Ganjin rehabilitation center for the disabled.

Witness Rufat Kerimov informed the court that he had previously held the position of head of the technical control department of the construction of the Ministry:

“I was an employee of Natig Azizov. It was necessary to purchase apartments for the Karabakh disabled people. In this regard, a tender was announced. I also participated in it as a representative of the ministry.”

According to Kerimov, he led the purchase and sale of houses in Sumgayyt, Ganja and Mingychevir.

The witness further stated that he went to Mingychevir and Ganju along with the contractor Rovshan Khalilov. He described the latter as an incompetent person.

Rovshan Khalilov, interrogated as a witness, in his testimony confirmed that he participated in the purchase of houses for the participants in the war of the Shahids in Ganja and Mingiachevir. According to the testimony of the witness, he personally handed over the collected money to the head of the Department of the Ministry of Natig Azizov.

Witness Ramil Salmanov told the court that he had previously worked as a consultant in the Salyansky district department of the State Fund of Social Protection. According to the witness, he later transferred 20 thousand manat to Adar Dzhabiev (is under the arrest of approx. Ed.) For appointing the head of the Neftchalinsky district department of the SFSZ.

Another witness Safayat Shikhaliev said that his company built 24 houses for members of the families and veterans. It was reported that 63 thousand manat were allocated for the construction of houses of Natig Azizov.

For 28 houses built in the Salyansky and Neftchalinsky districts of Natig Azizov, 84 thousand manat were transferred.

The trial will continue on December 5th.