New head of Ministry of Defense: Türkiye will continue to fight terrorism

Türkiye will continue the uncompromising struggle against terrorist organizations that threaten its national security. This was stated by the newly recognized Minister of Defense of Turkey Yashar Guler.

“We will continue our struggle with all terrorist organizations that threaten the world and the security of our country, until the last terrorist is neutralized,” Guller said at the ceremony of taking office in Ankara.

He also thanked his predecessor Hulushi Akar for an active role in ensuring the security of Turkey, primarily in the framework of the fight against terrorism and protect the boundaries of the country.

Hulushi Akar, in turn, spoke about his efforts to protect the rights and interests of Turkey in the region and in the world during the period of stay in the post of Minister of Defense.

Yashar Guler since 2018 served as the head of the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces.

On the day of the oath of the oath on June 3, Reveop Tayyip Erdogan, re -elected by the President of Turkey, announced the new composition of the Cabinet of Ministers.