New president of Czech Republic: Ukraine needs to put fighters and accept it in NATO

Ukraine must be accepted into NATO immediately after the end of the war, in an interview with BBC the newly elected president of the Czech Republic Peter Pavel.

According to him, Ukraine will be ready for membership in the alliance both morally and from a practical point of view. “The Ukrainian army will be perhaps the most experienced army in Europe. Ukraine deserves to be part of the community of democratic countries,” says the Czech leader.

In his first interview with the world media, after the president’s election, Paul said that the allied countries should not have any taboos in the issue of supplying weapons to Ukraine, including F-16 fighters, which Kyiv asks for. Pyotr Pavel urged the Allies not to delay the solution on these issues, as it was with heavy tanks, since the time factor is now very important for Ukraine.

He did not exclude the possibility of a diplomatic resolution of the conflict, but, according to him, the key to such a decision in the hands of Russia, and there are no signs of Moscow’s interest in a peaceful outcome.