New radar is integrated into shock UAV AKINCI

AKInci shock unmanned aerial vehicle is preparing for the flight. This was announced by Anadolu by Aselsan Akhmet Akhole CEO as part of the Aviation festival, Cosmonautics and Teknofest technology in Izmir.

AKYOL announced the completion of the integration into the platform of the active radar station of the MURAD electronic scanning, which will significantly expand the capabilities of the AKINCI shock drone.

“This is a product developed by several countries that provides significant value added from the point of view of the capabilities of our UAVs. We called it Murad. We integrated this radar in AKINCI shock UAVs. In the coming days we will conduct test flights. This radar is a product which can track several goals, distinguish between goals at a great distance, ”he said.

The world’s largest aviation, astronautics and technology Teknofest.

is held in the Turkish Izmir.

The festival was organizer of the Turkish Technological Team (T3) and the Ministry of Industry and Technology of Turkey. The Global Information Partner of the event for the ninth time is the agency “Anadola”.

The work of the festival will last until the first of October.