New York Times: Israel is worth murder

The Israeli authorities notified the US administration that they were standing behind the murder of a colonel of the Islamic Revolution Corps (Ksir, elite units of the Iran of the Iran) Hacan Sayiada Khodai, the newspaper The New York Times, citing sources in the American intelligence community.

According to the publication, the murder of the Sodei was to serve as a “warning for Iran” so that he would turn off the activities of allegedly “the murder of foreigners, including civilians and representatives of the Israeli authorities”. The interlocutors of the publication claim that he was the command of the secret unit of the KSIR, which carries out this activity.

The murder of the Navy became known on May 22. The military was attacked in front of his house in Tehran. Two men on motorcycles released five bullets into it, then disappeared from the scene of the crime. The incident was called the act of terrorism in the CSIR.