“No one has job for me?” Girkin was left without money

Former FSB officer, ex-head of the separatists of Donbass, Igor Strelkov (Girkin), unsuccessfully trying to return to the front in Ukraine, was left without work and means of existence. Moscow Times writes that he complained to the financial situation during a meeting with members of the Moscow Cell of the “Committee January 25”.

“No one has a job for me? I’ve been without work for six months,” Girkin said, answering the questions of the audience.

According to him, he showed all kinds of authorities several times to go to fight to Ukraine, but everywhere he met a refusal.

In early December, Girkin announced a return to Moscow after the second unsuccessful attempt to go as a volunteer to the Ukrainian front. After he tried to agree on the entry into Wagner PMC, however, after a verbal conflict with its founder Evgeny Prigozhin, he refused to conclude a contract.

Returning from the front, Girkin announced that he would no longer “beat his forehead against the wall” to get into the troops, and would begin to “look for himself on the political field.”

“To start collecting donates for my performances? Well, I don’t want to, honestly, do not want to,” the ex -leader of the separatists assures. According to him, he is offered money for performances, but he never took it. “It happened that I wrote to the sites to order, but wrote my position clearly,” he emphasized, speaking about working with a number of “close resources”. The fees for articles, according to him, he “transferred immediately to the Donbass, did not put it in his pocket.”