North Korea announced victory over Koronavirus

In North Korea, new cases of “fever” have not been identified for seven consecutive days, BBC reports with reference to the North Korean media.

So, the outbreak of the disease that began in May, which the North Korean authorities call “fever”, and international experts consider coronavirus, according to the North Korean media, is defeated. “There were no new cases of fever in the last week, and everyone who was treated has recovered,” the Korea Central Telegraph Agency said.

The agency adds that the DPRK has entered the stage of “stability”, but the country “will double the efforts to maintain the high quality of the implementation of state anti -epidemic measures.”

The total number of infected “fever” of the DPRK does not report. Only official data are known that from the end of April 4.77 million people have recovered, and 74 died. The mortality rate is 0.002%, this is the lowest in the world. However, as BBC notes, these figures are doubtful by international experts, given that the DPRK has neither vaccines from Covid-19, nor drugs for the treatment of this disease.