North Korea loses to Covid-19

In North Korea, who only a few days ago recognized the outbreak of coronavirus on its territory, there may already be a million sick. It is reported that the authorities involved the army in an attempt to take control of the situation with the spread of coronavirus in a country where vaccination was not carried out. It is reported by BBC.

Earlier, the DPRK leader Kim Jong -un criticized health officials and ordered his subordinates to stop the distribution of the virus, and the army to provide assistance in the delivery of drugs.

State media reports more than a million citizens who have become infected by “flu”, as coronavirus in the country prefer to call.

Of these, about 50 people died, but it is not known how many people were infected by Covid, since there are few laboratories in North Korea, the number of confirmed cases of the disease is also small.

At the same time, North Korea, in which the national Lockdown was still introduced, may be particularly exposed to infection, since vaccination was not carried out there.

According to the State North Korean media, last weekend Kim Jong -un convened an emergency meeting of the Politburo, at which he accused the officials of the healthcare system of that they did not provide the supply of the necessary medicines.