North Korean hackers kidnapped cryptocurrency for $ 400 million

North Korea in 2021 made at least seven attacks on cryptocurrency platforms. As a result, digital assets worth almost 400 million US dollars were withdrawn. This is reported to The Guardian with reference to the report of the experts on the blockchain chainalysis.

From 2020 to 2021, the number of hacker operations associated with North Korea increased from four to seven, and the number of funds received from these hacks increased by 40%, “the report says.

As noted by experts, as soon as North Korea, “received control over the means, it began a thorough laundering process to hide and withdraw money.”

According to Chainalysis, mainly the activities of hackers associated with the DPRK, was aimed at investment companies and centralized stock exchanges. Hackers used phishing attacks, malicious programs, as well as modern social engineering to pump out funds from organizations.