Norway tightens restrictions on entry of Russian citizens

Norway decided to tighten the restrictions on the entry of Russian citizens into the country in connection with the continuing war of Russia against Ukraine.

In a written statement, Minister of Justice Emily Engor Mell reported about the decision to tighten the visa procedure for entering the country of Russian citizens “in connection with its illegal war against Ukraine.”

, within the framework of this decision, those who want to go to Norway for tourist purposes or for non -rich reasons will not be allowed to cross the border. But for students whose closest relatives live in this country studying in Norway or member countries of the Schengen agreement, this decision does not apply.

Aftenposten reported that the PST intelligence and safety organization was concerned that the Russians entering the country through the city of Storskog, the only point of crossing the border between Russia and Norway, may participate in the collection of intelligence.

The head of the counterintelligence department PST Inter Haulund said that, in his opinion, Russia’s sabotage activity in European countries, aimed at weakening the defense capabilities of Ukraine, is beneficial to Moscow.

The report on the risk assessment of PST notes that the threat of sabotage against Norwegian companies producing weapons for Ukraine has increased.

September 22, 2022 Norway suspended the effect of a visa agreement signed with Russia in 2007, due to the war in Ukraine.

NATO member Norway has a 198-kilometer border with Russia in the Arctic.