Number of dead due to abnormal heat in Mexico increased to 155

The number of dead due to the abnormal heat that has been falling on Mexico since the beginning of the year increased to 155.

According to the Mexican media, the abnormal heat continues to take away the lives of the Mexicans. In this case, the water level in the dam continues to decline.

Since the beginning of 2024, the abnormal heat in Mexico took the lives of 155 people. Most of the dead fall on Verakrus.

The thermometer columns exceeded 45 degrees in such states as Veracrus, Tabasco, Tamaulipas, Nuevo-Leon and San Luis-Potoshi.

According to the statement of the Health Secretariat, only for the period from June 13 to 18, 30 people died due to high temperatures.

The media reported that about 2567 people turned to the hospitals due to a sunny blow.

It is noted that the scorching heat will remain until October 5.

Meanwhile, in a number of states, the water level in the dam fell to a critical level due to a rapid increase in the speed of evaporation.

The National Meteorological Service reported that on June 9 a new wave of heat would hit the country. In addition, the weather service recommended that patients with chronic diseases not go outside without the need for certain hours.