Number of victims of earthquakes in Japan increased to 213

The number of victims of the series of earthquakes that occurred in the first week of January on the Nota Peninsula in the Ishikawa Prefecture in the west of Japan has increased to 213. 52 people are listed in the lists of the missing.

According to the administration of the Governor of Isikawa, over 25 thousand people remain at 400 temporary accommodation points. Rescuers cannot reach 3.1 thousand people in settlements due to road damage. In almost 60 thousand households, electricity is supplied with malfunctions.

In the hospitals of the region, 567 people who suffered as a result of a natural disaster continue. Search and rescue operations continue.

The Japanese government promised to prepare the points of temporary accommodation in the nearby provinces of Fukui, Toyam and Niigat for 10 thousand people from the distress zone.

The Japanese meteorological agency (JMA) previously reported that on January 1-5, a series of earthquakes of magnitude from five to seven.

The observation post in the city of Vazima in the prefecture of Isikawa recorded the largest shift, the movement went horizontally about 1.3 meters to the west.

Japan is one of the ten most seismic hazardous countries of the world, most often suffering from the consequences of destructive earthquakes.

located in the Pacific “Fire Ring”, Japan in its entire history has experienced more than one deadly earthquake.

Pacific “Fire Ring” – an area around the perimeter of the Pacific Ocean, in which most active volcanoes are located and many earthquakes occur.

Since 1995, about 70 earthquakes of magnitude 6 and above have occurred in Japan, as a result of which tens of thousands of people died.