“Occupation of Ukraine is unlikely”: Erdogan promised to discuss situation with Aliyev and Putin

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called far from the reality of the scenario of the occupation of Ukraine from Russia, reports Anadolu.

In a conversation with journalists, who accompanied the head of state during a visit to Albania, President Erdogan noted that “to adopt such a step in Moscow should analyze the situation in the world and within the country.”

Turkish President said that he intends to discuss the situation in Ukraine with the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, who was literally the day before in Kiev.

“I will talk to Ilham Aliyev. Of course, it is important to discuss these issues with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Because these regions can no longer bear the load of the new war. It would be wrong. It’s time to complete the exception of the War Scenario from the Political Agenda “,” said Erdogan.

Turkish President stressed that in the modern world, the desire for the occupation of foreign land will not lead to the desired. “For example, what steps Russia took in Ukraine, in the Crimea. During each conversation with Putin, I declare that Turkey against the occupation of the Crimea. This position brings the Russian Foreign Ministry to the Russian side. That is, the position of Turkey on this issue is unequivocal,” – said Erdogan.