Oil fell on stocks of stocks in US

The world oil prices are reduced due to the return of coronavirus risks, investors also drew attention to the data of the American Oil Institute (API) on the reserves of this raw material in the United States.

On Morning Wednesday, the price of June futures for the North Caulic oil mixture of Brent brand decreased by 0.72% – to 66.09 dollars, the cost of June futures on WTI – by 0.81%, to $ 62.16 per barrel, RIA reports News.

Oil quotes are reduced, since the Coronavirus situation again begins to create significant uncertainty to restore the economy and, therefore, oil demand. So, in India and Japan there is an increase in new cases of detection of infected, which leads to the risks of tightening quarantine.

Investors drew attention to the API data, according to which the commercial oil reserves in the United States have unexpectedly increased by 0.4 million barrels. Stocks demonstrated a decline of three weeks in a row. Official statistics of the Ministry of Energy Countries will be published in the evening.