Oligarch hid a yacht for 300 million dollars for three months … but still got caught

The yacht “hidden” by Russian Andrei Melnichenko, whose fortune exceeds $ 23 billion, was wanted from March 10.

According to Business Insider, the ship of the Motor Yacht billionaire worth more than $ 300 million was discovered in the port of Ras-al-Him in the United Arab Emirates.

The Flag of the Emirates fluttered at the stern of the super-Hyp.

In early March, one of the ports of Italy was arrested by another yacht Melnichenko worth $ 600 million.

The last time Motor Yacht went to the Maldives on March 10, after which its navigation device was disconnected and it became impossible to monitor the movement of the vessel. But three months later, photographs taken from satellites allowed to find Motor Yacht in the port of Ras-al-Him, where, as reported, the yacht has been on the joke since March 17.

Andrei Melnichenko fell under the sanctions of the European Union on March 9 and on the same day he resigned from his post in the EuroCim company. At the same time, the Russian billionaire denies any corruption ties with the Kremlin, positioning himself as an “honest and self-sufficient businessman.”

It should be recalled that the neutral position of the UAE regarding the Russian-Ukrainian war (when voting at the UN Security Council in February, condemning Russia’s aggression, Abu Dabi abstained, which caused the genuine anger of Washington) turned this monarchy of the Persian Gulf in the literal sense of the word In the “saving harbor” for Russian oligarchs seeking to avoid Western sanctions.

Judging by the fact that Andrei Melnichenko lost in Italy and the UAE two luxury yachts with a total value of almost a billion dollars, the concept of “saving harbor” for the sanctions of Russian oligarchs gradually loses its original meaning …