On diphorum in Antalya discussed UN reform

In the UN Security Council, 240 million people are represented by only two people, and the 1.4 millionth population of Africa has no representative office at all. This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uganda Jedge Odom, speaking on the discussion panel as part of the 3rd diplomatic forum in Antalya (Turkey).

The moderator of the event on the topic “New global agenda: Paradigm shift towards the world”

Secretary of the Foreign Ministry of Slovenia Marco Stutzin, in turn, emphasized the need to reform the World Organization. According to him, the UN is in Stagnations against the backdrop of the changes taking place in the world was Liz Grande, president of the US Institute.

Stucin conserved an increase in the number of armed conflicts in the world, accompanied by victims among the civilian population. He emphasized the “acute need to change the paradigm towards the world.”

The special coordinator of the United Nations for Lebanon Joanna Vronek emphasized “The importance of innovative diplomatic approaches to prevent conflicts and establish trust”.

The executive secretary of the organization under the comprehensive prohibition of nuclear tests (dresses) Robert Floyd, in turn, emphasized the significance of nuclear disarmament. He also drew attention to the “excessive power of modern nuclear weapons.”

According to the special representative of the UN Secretary General Aishe Jikhan Sultanoglu, there is an urgent need to reform the international system. According to her, in the new international system, the world should become a priority, not conflicts. “

Participants emphasized the importance of innovative diplomatic decisions and the resumption of nuclear disarmament efforts to build a strong world around the world.