On liberated territories continues work on demining

The fortifications of the Special Risk Salvation Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations continue to work on demining exemption from the occupation of territories of Azerbaijan.

According to HAQQIN.AZ, the Head of the Emergencies Ministry Echtram Khalilov, after the 44-day Patriotic War in the process of clearing the territory from mines, unexploded ammunition and other consequences of the war, along with other state structures, also attracted employees of the Special Risk Salvation Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

“Operations that started in January 2021 are held mainly in the direction of the Agdam and Fizulinsky districts, in villages and towns, as well as around the water basins. Employees are equipped with the latest equipment and passed accreditation after special courses in this area. The process of demining territories It continues in full force. The territories are cleaned together with employees of other state bodies. Construction work is under vacant territories in parallel. The state uses all available opportunities so that there are no obstacles to the safe population in the territories, which will soon return here, noted by the Transmitter, ” – he said.

The representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations also appealed to those who deal with construction, be careful in the sites, use the designated, cleared roads.

According to him, there are many citizens who, unfortunately, attend or want to visit the liberated areas without permission. Ministry of Emergency Situations asks to refrain from such trips, and if mines and unexploded ammunition are found, suspicious items that are not related to this locality, report it to the hot line “112” MES.