Only 40% of international companies left Russia

Most of foreign investors still conduct business in Russia, despite the sanctions imposed against Moscow because of the war in Ukraine.

According to the European Commission, published in response to a request from the European Parliament deputy Moritsa Kurnner, only 40 percent of international companies decided to leave the country or have already done it.

Over the past four months, only 10 Western companies have completely stopped their activities in the Russian Federation.

According to Anadol, an ANADOLE agency, from more than 1,500 international companies operating in the Russian Federation before the war, 525 completely stopped their activities in this country, and 555 continued to function partially or in normal mode.

26 companies from Germany, 24 from France, 23 from the USA, 12 from Italy, 8 from Austria, 5 from Spain, 4 from Great Britain and 3 from Switzerland, remain in Russia, despite Western sanctions.

Among those who “win the time”, 46 companies from the United States, 20 – from Germany, 12 – from France, 9 from Italy, 7 – from Austria and 9 companies from the UK and Switzerland.

The number of companies that received a huge profit from the Russian Federation last year, include the French energy giant Totlenergies, the Austrian Raiffeisen Bank and the British BP.

Although the EU continues to provide political, financial, humanitarian and military support to Ukraine so as not to harm the population of Russia, food products are excluded from the list of sanctions of both the EU and the USA.

Also, outside the restrictions on export and imports, some products for healthcare, pharmaceutical, food and agricultural industries.

When Russians go shopping in Moscow, they practically do not feel Western sanctions. This is evidenced by the results of the study conducted by the German television channel SWR.

Despite the fact that many manufacturers have announced the termination of deliveries, a wide range of goods, including manufactured in Germany, including Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes Benz.

, are everywhere.

Many companies claim that their Russian branches now belong to Russian companies or Russian dealers sell “Dosance” imported products.

It is noted that the procedure for the withdrawal of Western companies from Russia is extremely difficult. Foreign companies that really want to stop their activities in the country are stuck with considerable obstacles.

Russian companies receive foreigners’s assets with a “good” discount. This practice leads to the fact that foreign companies leaving the Russian Federation lose billions of dollars.