Only Ukrainian journalist accredited in Russia has left Moscow

The correspondent of the Ukrainian agency UNIAN in Moscow Roman Tsimbalyuk left Russia, because he began to feel the threat to his safety. On the eve of this, he stated in an interview with the publication “Moody”.

Cymbalyuk recalled that in December 2021, RT TV channel announced his call to the Moscow Prosecutor’s Office for the administrative case on the initiation of hatred or hostility. The reason allegedly became the Uutyub-rollers of Cimbalyuk, in which they saw signs of initiation of hostility to members of the social groups “Russians” and “representatives of power in Russia”.

Later, the lawyer of Cimbalyuk, Nikolai Polozov, said that the prosecutor’s office for unknown reasons recalled the challenge.

“I left the Russian Federation, because I believe that there is a threat to my personal security. … And now they say that they recalled the challenge for interrogation, but this does not mean that it will not be again. Before that there were also many signals. What they “took up the last Ukrainian reporter in Moscow very and very seriously …”, “said Tsymbalyuk” Moody “.

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharov in response to the words of Cimbalyuk stated that he did not get out of Moscow restaurants, “released” Provocative-fake fears on the Internet “, and now came up with a” bike about the threat of security and hostage status “.

UNIAN writes that Roman Tsimbalyuk is the only Ukrainian journalist accredited in Russia. He is known for his pro-Ukrainian position and has repeatedly participated in the political talk show on Russian television.

At the same time, Cimbalyuk expressed surprise that the media began to write about his departure from Russia a week later. As he said in the live radio station “Echo of Moscow”, apparently, this happened from a lack of news in the information field. According to R. Tribaly, after Putin’s press conference held, where he was accredited, the next day, on December 24, he was summoned to the TsAO prosecutor’s office to give explanations about extremism and inciting hostility to the Russians and the Russian government.