Operation on border with Iran: drug dealer was detained

Today, on the site of border stations near the village of Mehbili, Dzhebrail district, in the service territory of the Goradiz border border service (GPS) of Azerbaijan, the border outfit noticed how unknown, moving towards the border with Iran, approached engineering fence, after which he returned back.

According to the press service of the GPS, the border outpost was immediately raised at the command “in the gun!”, And the territory was blocked and taken under control. As a result of the border-search events carried out at about 01:40, a car of the Mersedes E 190 brand with a state license plate of 90-DJ-159 was detained, moving at high speed along the border territory near the Dzhebrail-Gradiza.

During the inspection of the car, ruled by a resident of the Fizulskiy district of Mammadov Nakhid Shirzad Oglu, born in 1987, 11 kilograms of 885 grams of marijuana and five bottles of Millionaire alcoholic beverages were discovered and seized.

In fact, the necessary operational investigative measures are carried out, the GPS reported.