Opposition of Armenia against election of “Turkish Spy” by Vice-Speaker of Parliament

Candidate for Vice-Speakers of the National Assembly of Armenia from the ruling party “Civil Agreement” Ruben Rubinian never hid, with which goals he was in Turkey in 2017. This was stated by Rubinyan himself today, August 3, in parliament, answering questions from opposition deputies, write Armenian media.

The representative of the faction of the Opposite Block “Honor” Anna Karapetyan stated that Ruben Rubinyan in 2017 was in Turkey for several months, for what purpose.

“We already have a precedent, when the speaker of the parliament was a spy with the call sign” Omega “(it means rumors distributed about the ex-speaker Ararat Mirzoyan – Ed.) Now we want to rush to the Turkish spy,” – Quotes Karapetyan Sputnik Armenia.

In response, Rubinyan noted that Karapetyan’s accusations are not true: he has repeatedly stated that “was there on the program of the Foundation of Grant Dink and several months engaged in research.”

Turning to Karapetyan, the promoter of the ruling party indicated that the charges of “turbidity” and “servicing by the Armenian authorities of Ankara’s intentions” were voiced by the opposition back to early parliamentary elections held on June 20. Now it’s time to think that they were given and society, and the prosecutors themselves, noted Rubinyan.