Opposition survey: on whose plane Maduro flew to Baku and who were crew members?

The Argentine opposition demanded that the government provide information about the aircraft on which Venezuela President Nicholas Maduro flew to Baku a few days ago, and his crew members. During his visit to Azerbaijan, Nicholas Maduro used the Airbus 340-600 plane, owned by the Venezuelan State Airline Conviasa. However, it is reported that in fact the aircraft belongs to the Iranian company Mahan Air, which is blacklisted with the United States for its connection with international terrorism.

Earlier, Argentina authorities detained the Boeing 747 cargo aircraft at the airport in the country of Seses, citing suspicions of the ties of the crew with Hezbollah.

The draft resolution, compiled by Waldo Wolf, a member of the Argentinean parliament from the opposition, and signed by other opposition deputies, requires the government to provide accurate information about the owner of the aircraft on which Maduro flew, the details of each flight and why it passed through Argentina.

According to Flightradar, the plane landed in Buenos Aires on April 28, May 3, 9 and 17. Three flights were made from the capital of Venezuela Karakas. Later, Nicholas Maduro took advantage of this aircraft during a tour of Turkey, Algeria, Iran, Kuwait, Katar and Azerbaijan from June 7 to 18.

Waldo Wolf also demanded to clarify which of the crew members piloted the YV3533 on these flights and whether they were previously convicted among them.

Note that after the landing of the aircraft in Baku it was found that among the members of the delegation accompanying the President of Venezuela, a coronavirus infection was identified. As a result, the meeting of Nicholas Maduro with the president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev was held in a video conference format.

We also note that the United States negotiating with Maduro, they want to convince him to reach an agreement with the opposition, which can ultimately lead to a Washington oil embargo with respect to Venezuela.