Oppositionist Saleh Rustamov stopped hunger strike

Involta, the former head of the executive authorities of the Kedabek district Saleh Rustamov, serving the punishment in prison, stopped the hunger strike. This was reported to the agency “Turan” asil Adil Gabulla.

According to him, rumors that S. Rustamov fell into someone unfounded.

“considering the numerous appeals of relatives and loved ones, as well as the public, he stopped the hunger strike,” the doctor said.

Recall, the oppositionist and the former head of Kedabek Saleh Rustamov sentenced to seven years of imprisonment. According to investigators, he collected a fund of Azerbaijan’s citizens in Russia every month to support the PNFA, the total fees amounted to 412 thousand dollars. In addition to Salne Rustamov, the nephew and three members of the Pffa are condemned for various deadlines. The activist itself is 41 days ago announced in the conclusion of the hunger strike.