Orban accused EU of disrupting vaccine supplies: “I have to look for vaccines … in Russia and China”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban explained the need to use the Russian Sputnik V vaccine in his country by the fact that the European Commission cannot provide citizens with alternative vaccines registered in the European Union.

“There is no western or eastern vaccine, there is only good and bad,” Orban said in an interview with Bild, Deutsche Welle reports.

According to him, the European Union failed to cope with the task of “quickly and efficiently” supplying the Europeans with the vaccine: “Therefore, in accordance with the constitution, I must take responsibility for myself.”

He noted that countries such as the UK, USA, Israel, Serbia are far ahead of the EU countries in the supply of vaccines, so he is looking for “vaccines where they are, including Russia and China.” p>

The Hungarian Prime Minister also stressed the merits of Eastern European preventive medicine, saying that “thanks to the Soviet vaccine, poliomyelitis was eradicated here much faster than in the West.”

Hungary has already started using the Russian vaccine Sputnik V. Orban himself was vaccinated with the Chinese vaccine Sinopharm. Hungary has ordered 5 million doses of Sinopharm and 2 million doses of the Russian “satellite”.