Orban: Erdogan Is Only Agreement Between Kiev And Moscow Leader

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban highly appreciated the efforts of Turkey to ensure the ceasefire between the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

Turkey is an indispensable player in providing peace since the beginning of the conflict, and the head of the Turkish state is the only successful statesman who was able to conclude a grain agreement between Russia and Ukraine, Orban said in a video who published on his page on the social network Kh.

The head of the Hungarian government noted that after the transition of the representative office in the EU to Hungary, he first made a trip to Ukraine, and then the Russian Federation and China and called these visits the “mission of the world.”

According to the politician, he continued to fulfill this mission during a meeting with President Erdogan in Washington.

Viktor Orban emphasized that during a bilateral meeting, a conflict was discussed in Ukraine, which has reached a much more cruel level.

Peace and peaceful initiative are inevitably necessary to put an end to suffering in Ukraine, said the head of the Hungarian Cabinet.

Erdogan is the only leader who ensured an agreement between Kiev and Moscow

Orban noted that he turned to the head of the Turkish state with a request to support the peaceful mission of Hungary. “I asked Mr. President to support us in our mission of the world,” Orban said after negotiations with Erdogan in the fields of the NATO summit.

The Prime Minister of Hungary emphasized that the positions of the parties in the Ukrainian conflict “are still far from each other.” At the same time, Orban believes, with joint efforts you can move forward on the way to peaceful settlement. The Hungarian prime minister noted that Erdogan is the only leader of a foreign state who has a successful experience in mediation in this conflict.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with Orban on the eve of the fields of the 75th anniversary summit of the heads of government and states of the NATO participating countries in Washington.

On the second of July, Orban visited Kyiv, where he held negotiations with the Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky to resolve the conflict. On the fifth of July, the Hungarian politician arrived in Moscow to continue his “mission of the world” and negotiated with Russian President Vladimir Putin. On July 8, Hungarian Prime Minister visited China and held negotiations with the chairman of China Xi Jinping.