Over 130 illegal migrants were saved off coast of Morocco

off the coast of the Moroccan city of El Ayun saved 131 illegal migrant, including 27 women and 8 children.

According to the Armed Forces of Morocco, immigrants from the countries of Africa south of Sakhara tried to reach two boats to the Canary Islands through the Atlantic Ocean.

Migrants were taken ashore by the efforts of the Navy, they were given first aid and transferred to law enforcement agencies.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Morocco on January 23 reported the detention of 75 184 illegal migrants last year.

Every year, thousands of illegal migrants from Africa go into the Mediterranean Sea in boats in the hope of getting to Europe. Some of them manage this, but many are drowning in the sea.

Due to the close location to the European coast, Morocco is one of the countries used by illegal immigrants as a transit point.