Overchuk: Azerbaijan has completely new opportunities

Azerbaijan can open up completely new opportunities to associate the markets of Asia and Europe, said Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Alexey Overchuk on the Conference held in Baku “The current state and prospects of Russian-Azerbaijani relations in the context of integrated processes.”

“We can work here together and achieve joint success. Russia’s investments in Azerbaijan reached $ 4.5 billion, and Azerbaijan to Russia is 1.5 billion dollars. Russian business is interested in working in Azerbaijan, and there are good development and creation prospects Railways, for the development of renewable energy, high-tech enterprises, logistics. Now we have opened new opportunities to associate north-south and west – east. Here the entire EAEEC region can win, “said Russian Deputy Prime Minister.

Overchuk also stated that there is an active work on unlocking transport communications in the South Caucasus.