Owner of social network X Elon Musk accused Australia of censorship

The American businessman and the owner of the social media platform X Elon Musk accused the Australian government of censorship after the court decided that all users X must temporarily stop access to the images of the attack in the church in Sydney.

According to national media reports, the Australian Electronic Security Department appealed to the federal court with a request to impose a global temporary ban on accessing users X to the images of the attack in the church in Sydney.

Judge Jeffrey Kennett also decided that all X users must temporarily stop access to these images.

In a statement on his account X Musk accused Australia of censorship, noting that the Australian Electronic Security Department wants to introduce censorship for all countries.

Reacting to the requirement of the Australian electronic security department, Musk noted that this content was subjected to censorship for Australia.

Australia Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, in his statement, named a mask who considers himself above the law, “arrogant billionaire.”


Currently, negotiations are underway between Australia and X on the removal of the corresponding content from the platform.

In his yesterday’s statement, Albanese reacted to the actions of X, which refused to remove images related to attacks in Sydney on April 13 and 15, and stated that social networks bear “social responsibility”.

Six people died as a result of an attack with a knife in the Westfield Bondi Junction shopping center in the east of Sydney on April 13. The attacker was shot dead by police Amy Scott, who intervened in the situation.

Bishop Mar Marie Emmanuel was also attacked during a direct mass in the Church of Christ a good shepherd in the city on April 15. The bishop and 3 people were injured, and the attacker was captured.