PACE deputies talk about risk of death of Saakashvili

Deputies of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) insist on the transfer to the European clinic of the prisoner ex-president of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili, reports Georgia news.

According to data, 20 deputies PACE turned to the authorities of Georgia, recalling that in prison, Saakashvili developed several diseases and a “serious neurological state”. The authors of the application believe that the treatment of the former president in the European specialized clinic is “this is primarily a humanitarian problem.” “It must be urgently placed in a modern clinic, where he can continue treatment without stressful factors. Failure to fulfill this requirement can lead to dementia, polyorgan deficiency and death,” the appeal said.

PACE deputies also pointed out new risks for Georgian democracy. They indicated that they were afraid of “further deepening of the already deep split in society.” “Georgia urgently needs a process of political reconciliation. If Saakashvili was seriously ill or even died as a result of his conclusion, this could jeopardize this process,” the appeal says.

Among the appeal, representatives of Italy, Ukraine, Austria, Germany, Norway, Ireland, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Romania, Poland.