Pakistan acquired Bayraktar TB2 drones

Pakistan acquired Bayraktar TB2 drifting drifts, transfers TRT in Russian with reference to the Pakistan Strategic Forum known to its closeness to the Pakistani Army. It is reported that at this stage Pakistan purchased one batch (6 units) of the UAV. As part of a comprehensive agreement signed in mid-2021, Islamabad ordered Bayraktar TB2 at Baykar and signed an agreement with Tai on the joint development of a larger BPL type anka-s.

Chairman of the Joint Committee of the Headquarters of the Headquarters of Pakistan, let’s visit the research and production center Bla Baykar in March 2021.

Pakistan is trying to develop its own BPL. In this context, in August 2021, Turkish Tusaş and Pakistani Nescom signed a contract for the development and modernization of the drums of ANKA. According to the information received, Pakistan has already deployed Bayraktar TB2 in border areas with India.

It is likely that drones will first be shown to the Pakistani public at a parade in honor of Pakistan’s Day this year on March 23, notes Pakistan Strategic Forum.

Turkish UAVs attracted the attention of the international community after their effective use in Syria, Libya, as well as during combat operations in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan in 2020. So, BPLA Bayraktar TB2, acquired Baku, along with artillery calculations, made a significant contribution to the victory in the second Karabakh war.

In recent months, it became known about interest in Turkish drones from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Latvia, Albania and other countries. Military UAVs in the amount of several dozen to single copies are already supplied to Poland, Qatar, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Morocco, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Somalia. Consider the purchase or already concluded contracts Iraq, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ethiopia, Oman, Nigeria, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Serbia.

Plus of Turkish devices is their cheapness, fluctuating within one or two million dollars per unit. In addition, their characteristics are constantly revised by wide use in real combat.