Pakistan: during vote count, access to social network X was limited

Shortly before the completion of the vote counts on the elections to the National Assembly and Provincial Assembly of Pakistan, access to the social network X was limited throughout the country.

Netblocks based in London, which tracks global Internet access, said on its page on social networks that access to the X network throughout the country was interrupted in Pakistan.

Pakistani justice movement (PTI), the party in the conclusion of the former Prime Minister Imran Khan, called the restriction of access to the X “shameful”.

It is expected that the counting of votes in Pakistan will end on Saturday and final results will be announced.

The election commission announced the distribution of 250 seats in the National Assembly, which consists of 266 places

Voting in the National Assembly of Pakistan and provincial assemblies that will perform legislative functions in Pakistan for 5 years, began on Thursday, February 8 at 08.00 local time and ended at 17.00.