Pakistan sent to Kyiv more than 10 thousand shells for “grades”

Pakistan sent Ukraine more than 10 thousand shells intended for the use of the Grad MLRS.

This is reported by the Indian edition of The Economic Times.

shells will enter Ukraine through the German port of Emden with subsequent transit through Poland, specialized sources told the publication.

According to them, shells were sent from the Pakistani port of Karachi in early February.

Another source who wished to remain unknown, drew attention to the fact that Pakistan previously delivered weapons to Ukraine, while asking Russia to reduce the price of oil.

The publication recalls that the first to report that Pakistan increased the supply of ammunition and other defense funds through third countries bordering Ukraine. The Project Shipping Shipping Company from Karachi last month contributed to the delivery of 146 containers from Pakistani artillery factories, reports et.

Last month, Pakistani artillery factories through Karachi sent another batch of 50 thousand ammunition. It is reported that goods from Pakistan are transferred to Ukraine through Polish Gdansk.