Paris and London planned bombing of USSR oil fisheries

American writer and historian Mike Pek unveiled the details of the “dark spots” of the Second World War. In particular, we are talking about Pike Operation – “Pike”, which provided for in 1940 carpet bombing of Soviet oil crafts of France and Great Britain, transfers

According to the publicist, before the beginning of World War II, the leadership of the USSR was trying to form an anti-Nazi coalition, however, not finding an understanding in London and Paris, Soviet diplomacy concluded a non-aggression pact with Germany. In the way, the USSR turned into the eyes of his allies turned from a sworn enemy Germany in an ally, which later brought Paris and London to the idea of ​​”why not strike the USSR and not kill two hares with one shot?”.

It is so that according to the writer, the Operation “Pike” was born. Extraked from the bases of allies in Iran and Syria, as well as from neutral, anti-Soviet Turkey, more than a hundred British and French bombers should continuously attack Soviet oil fields in the Caucasus.

It is reported that the allied aircraft planners were confident that it would be a strong blow.

If the operation “Pike” was started before France’s surrender, the British government would face the prospect of combating the Nazi-Soviet Union.