Participants of meeting of G20 in India did not agree because of Russia and China

Finance ministers of 20 leading industrial and developing countries, according to the results of a meeting in the Indian Bangalore, could not agree on a joint final document. Instead, the government of India published its own summary of the results of the meeting.

As the DPA agency notes, representatives of China and Russia were prevented from a compromise, and the discrepancies concerned two points – the condemnation of Russian invasion of Ukraine as a war, as well as on the discharge of debts to poor countries.

According to the agency, the meeting participants could not agree on the inclusion in the final document of the word “war”. Germany and France insisted on their position that its formulations should not be softer than in the final resolution of the G20 summit on Bali in 2022. It said that “most of the participants most decisively condemned the war in Ukraine.”

The Minister of Finance of Germany Christian Lindner criticized the position of Moscow and Beijing at the G20 meeting and confirmed that the PRC blocked the adoption of the final declaration. According to him, most of the participants sharply criticized the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, but the representative of China did not do this. At the same time, Brazil now occupies a more clear and more critical position in relation to Russia than during the last meeting, Lindner added.