“Partner betrayed”: lawyer is trying to “smear” Eve Kylie

The lawyer of the former deputy European Parliament Eva Kylie, who is contained in the female department of the Kharen prison since December 9 and is held in the case of corruption related to the World Cup in Qatar, said that his client is innocent, reports Euronews.

Mikhalis Dimitrakopoulos visited the Euro -deputy from Greece in the Belgian prison, spent more than four hours with her, preparing for the speech before the judge appointed on Thursday. “The criminal process is secret. Therefore, I can’t tell a lot, but I can definitely say that Eve Kylie is innocent,” said Dimitrakopoulos.

According to the lawyer, Eve Kylie believes that she was betrayed by her partner, also arrested in connection with the scandal. “She feels devoted to her partner. She trusted him, and he betrayed her,” says Mikhalis Dimitrakopoulos.

Eve Kylie and her partner are accused of corruption, money laundering and participating in a criminal organization to lobby for the interests of the Gulf of Persian, in particular Qatar, and Morocco. On Thursday, the judge must decide whether the euro deputy will remain in prison or she will be released before the start of the trial, imposing certain restrictions.

On the eve of the Belgian newspaper Le Soir reported that Kylie partially recognized her involvement in the scandal and said that, indeed, she asked her father to help hide the money. However, her lawyer claims that this information is not true.