Pashazade: Iran makes big mistake

I am negative about the fact that Tehran and Yerevan became twin cities. “The chairman of the Muslim Department of the Caucasus Sheikh Ul-Islam Haji Allahshukur Pashazade said this.

According to the head of the teaching materials, Iran makes a big mistake in the history of Islam, which is unforgivable. “As Sheikh, I am for normal relations with all states. I hope Iran will understand its mistake. Iran should not take steps against Azerbaijan,” said Pashazade.

The head of the UMK said that in Azerbaijan to Iran was treated as a fraternal country: “But then we saw that this brother has another brother.”

Note that earlier the Armenian media reported that Tehran and Yerevan became scraping cities. The agreement was signed by the mayor of Yerevan, Grachya Sargsyan and the mayor of Tehran Alipris Rasani.