Pashinyan: Armenia is interested in opening all regional communications

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said that Yerevan was interested in the discovery of all regional communications.

According to the Armenian media, Pashinyan said this during a government hour in parliament.

According to him, Armenia is not against the restart of the railway of the Goradiz-Mogri-Ordubad-Raskh. Moreover, this is an important project for Armenia.

“Yerevan also advocates the discovery of regional transport communications and is not against the regional gas pipelines, oil pipelines and power lines of power transmission through the Armenian territory. Armenia is interested in the implementation of all these projects, and all this should happen as part of the sovereignty and authority of Armenia, As, accordingly, in the framework of the sovereignty of other countries, ”he said.

Pashinyan noted that the Roman Statute Mus will be ratified in full.

“The government sent the Roman statute to the parliament, and it will be ratified in accordance with my position and with the assistance of parliamentary colleagues. It has nothing to do with Armenia -Russia’s relations, but is related to Armenia’s security,” he said .