Pashinyan did not justify expectations of West

Soros Foundation, apparently, progress in Armenia his failure and, possibly, looking for a replacement to Pashinyan, write Armenian media.

According to their report, recently there has been obvious dissatisfaction with Western countries and a number of international organizations by the behavior of the current Armenian authorities.

In particular, as the Gradarak newspaper writes, the discontent of Soros circles is reflected in the media funded by the West. If earlier the Armenian media paid by the Soros Foundation, then and then praised Pashinian and his team, now this pro-government position has changed to rigid criticism.

In addition, as the Edition notes, the US ambassador to Armenia has recently become more common to conduct meetings with various circles, both with pro-government and opposition, moreover, does not hide their discontent with what is happening in Armenia: “We are not happy with that What happens, in Armenia there are now serious problems with human rights and compliance with democratic values. “

Next, the newspaper writes that the United States is concerned about the persecution of political opponents in Armenia.

History remembers many cases when after such applications from the outside there are changes in the country.