Pashinyan sewed, Armenians will have to go to Yerevan through Azerbaijan

After establishing the border and customs posts of Azerbaijan on the road Goris – Kafan, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated at the current meeting of the government that Armenian citizens will take advantage of an alternative expensive Cafan – Agriani – Tatev. Earlier, officials in Yerevan announced its full readiness, after the work carried out on expansion and modernization.

“I traveled along this road and I can testify that the high-quality road was built. It remains only to fit it for the passage of cars with a trailer. Over the past night, on this road, about a hundred cars, including Iranian, was drove into the café. Premier, adding that time on the way from Yerevan to Cafana has not changed.

A group of school teachers from the village of Vorotyn Syunik region believing the words of Pashinyan, tried to drive from Goris to this village alternative road.

As writes, who have been written on passenger cars, teachers have already had to return at the beginning, as an alternative road due to dirt and Koldobin could not be driving. Rerep on SUVs somehow did some of the path, but they could not go further, the road turned out to be at all passable. Teachers had to go to school in the gate. The road collapses, water flows through it, – one of the teachers of Susanna Sargsyan said the publication.