Path of settlement in Cyprus is principle of two states

The new process in the framework of settlement in Cyprus can “continue only at the level acceptable to both sides”.

This was stated by the President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRK) Ersin Tatars, answering media questions following the results of a meeting with the UN Secretary General Antoniu Gaterrish on the fields of the 78th Session of the UN General Staff in New York.

He emphasized that the TRK government “will not make concessions regarding the principle of sovereignty.”

According to Tatar, he handed over to the UN Secretary General to “take into account the wishes of TRSK regarding the equal structure of the two states and the sovereignty of TRK in order to interact on the island on issues such as renewable energy sources, equal access to the EU, illegal migration and clearance “.

The politician noted that direct flights to Erjan Airport are still impossible due to obstacles from the Greek side.

The president emphasized that the goal of TRSK is to “live in peace and harmony.” “The Turkish community also has the right to live on the island, like the Greeks. For 60 years, Cypriots -Turks have come across great injustice,” he issued.