Patrushev fears that Afghan militants may be in guise of refugees to enter CIS

USA laid a slow motion bomb in Afghanistan, leaving there a large number of weapons in the conditions of coming to power “Taliban”, said the secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev, leads his words to Interfax.

“In the current situation, it (weapons) can easily get into the hands of terrorists from ISIL, Al-Qaida or other groups that are a serious threat to our states,” said Patrushev in Moscow at a meeting of the heads of security and exploration of states CIS.

Patrushev noted that due to the actions of the United States, militants from Afghanistan can penetrate the CIS countries under the guise of refugees. A sharp increase in the number of the latter, he called a serious regional threat.

According to him, about three million Afghans are already located in Iran and Pakistan. More than four million refugees are in Turkey. Patrushev called on the CIS countries to strengthen the exchange of intelligence information on international terrorists and west plans.