Patrushev’s fears: activity of terrorists from Afghanistan can go to Iran and Central Asia

“Really, during the presence of American troops, the number of terrorist acts increased in Afghanistan at times. Al-Qaida *, ISTIL *,” Islamic Movement of East Turkestan “* and other terrorist groups that consider Afghan territory as a base for the subsequent transfer of activity in the state of Central Asia, to the Chinese Xinjiang, north of Iran, in the direction of India, creating sleeping cells in these states, “Nikolay Secretary of Sovball Secretary of the Council of Russia Patrushev.

Patrushev accused the USA in the creation of a drug-based global scale: “Instead of fighting drug trafficking in two decades of military-political management of Afghanistan, USA has implemented a project to create a global scale drug collection. Opiato production has increased more than 40 times.”

According to him, the West could not train the army, the police and the intelligence agency of Afghanistan. “Moral and psychologically decomposed armed forces surrendered without a fight,” said Patrushev.

Holding huge amounts for the content of their troops, the United States did not create the objects of social infrastructure and civil servants, indicated the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation. “Only destruction remained simple Afghans, the development of the country itself was discarded for decades ago,” said Patrushev.