Pavel Durov turned out to be richest inhabitant of Dubai

Founder of the social network “VKontakte” and the Telegram Messenger Pavel Durov became the 112nd in the list of world billionaires according to Forbes magazine. His state of the Edition experts rated at $ 17.2 billion.

At the same time, the Russian turned out to be the richest inhabitant of Dubai. In which followed by the native of India, the owner of Lulu Group International Yusoff Ali, the condition is 4.8 billion dollars.

Also, the Durov first entered the top ten richest people in Russia, hitting at once to the ninth place. A year earlier, the publication estimated its condition of 3.4 billion dollars.

The Russian part of the list was headed by Alexey Mordashov, who, taking into account the sons of the assets, remains 29.1 billion dollars. Following the main beneficiary of Norilskel Vladimir Potanin (27 billion dollars), and the Troika is closed by the owner of NLMK Vladimir Lisin (26.2 billion dollars).

In the world ranking first place with a result of 177 billion dollars, the owner of Amazon Jeff Bezos. After him, Ilon Mask is going, whose condition has grown to 151 billion.