Pentagon called on US Congress to approve financial assistance to Ukraine

The Pentagon called on the House of Congress representatives to adopt a bill on an additional emergency budget providing for the supply of weapons to Ukraine.

The US Congress must urgently adopt a bill on an additional budget so that Ukraine can protect itself, said Sabrina Singh, deputy press secretary of the Pentagon Singh, at a briefing.

“This is the time when our allies and enemies are watching us. That’s why we need the House of Representatives to work on the adoption of this two-party bill on an additional budget that was adopted by the Senate last week,” said the representative of the defense department.

According to her, Ukrainian troops were forced to make a strategic decision to leave some cities in order to save ammunition, since the bill on an extra additional budget requested in December 2023 was not adopted.

“If the bill on the Extraordinary Budget is not adopted, we will not be able to help Ukraine, and she will have to choose which cities to leave,” Singh added.

She also touched the attacks of the rebels supported by Iran of the Yemeni movement “Ansarullah” (Husita “) on ships in the Red Sea.

Husites expanded their capabilities at the expense of advanced technologies and opportunities obtained from Iran, she noted, reminding that at the end of last week the rebels for the first time made an attempt to attack with an unmanned submarine.

“I think it would be fair to say that the Husites have a wide offensive potential. But every time the United States and their coalition partners attack the Hussites, we worsen their offensive opportunities,” Singh explained.

Singh also confirmed that on February 19, the Husites shot down the American UAV MQ 9 Reaper, launched from the controlled by the Yemensky district with a rocket.

“Whether it is a rocket, UAV, or an underwater unmanned vehicle, we use our capabilities to knock them down. We manage to stop them, but sometimes the attacks are successful,” she said.