Pentagon head: conflict in Ukraine is not inevitable

“Military conflict in Ukraine is not inevitable.” This was stated by the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin at a press conference in Vilnius.

He noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin can choose another way.

“The United States and the Allies offered him the possibility of a diplomatic decision. We hope that he will use it. We hope that Putin will retreat, and the situation will cease to be on the verge of conflict. The conflict is not inevitable,” said Lloyd Austin.

However, the head of the Pentagon stated that the Russian troops on the border with Ukraine are ready for the offensive and repeated that Washington is committed to its obligations under NATO.

According to him, the United States is ready to send an additional military contingent to strengthen the security of NATO countries in Eastern Europe in case of escalation in Ukraine.

“We are fully serious about our obligations in relation to NATO and allies. We have already sent additional American troops to the East to strengthen the defense capability of the NATO allies, and thousands are in a state of readiness for the transfer in the event that NATO uses its Response Forces, “said the head of the Pentagon.