Period of consideration in US Congress has expired on sale of Turkey F-16

from the US Congress after 15 days after the official notification from the White House, there were no objection to the sale of Turkey F-16 fighters.

US State Department on January 26 sent the Congress an official notification regarding the sale of 40 F-16 fighters of Turkey and sets of modernization of existing fighters.

The US Congress had 15 days to evaluate and objections after the official notice of the sale of F-16 of Turkey. The term expired the day before, on Saturday, February 10. According to the law, if no objections have been received, then the sale should be carried out.

The Senate Objection was only handed over to the Senator from Kentukki Rand Paul. The document entered the Senate Committee on International Relations, but no action was taken.

Thus, the term has expired in accordance with the US Law on the control over weapons export (AECA), there were no obstacles to the start of the sales process between the relevant institutions.

According to the relevant legislation, the period under consideration is 15 days for NATO member countries and 30 days for countries that are not part of NATO.

The Senate Committee on International Relations and the Foreign Committee of the House of Representatives have the right to evaluate and, if any, to object to the sale of weapons to foreign countries.

Both committees announced the approval of Turkey sales F-16 on the same day when the State Department sent the corresponding notification.

In particular, the American Foreign Policy Department sent to Congress an official notification of the approval of the sale of Turkey 40 F-16 Block 70 fighters and 79 sets of modernization F-16.

Last year, some members of the Congress excluded from the bill on the budget of the US Department of Defense additional articles providing for the sale of F-16.