Peskov called on West to repent

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov called on foreign colleagues to repent of his cynicism.

“You need to listen to the concern of Russia. You need to internally reinforce the situation on, I would even say the end of the year before last when Russia offered to discuss its concern at the negotiation table and when Russia was absolutely rejected. Of course, you must probably repent in cynicism Over the past 8 years, when a “game of thimbles” has occurred: when the Germany, France, and Ukraine played thimbles by the Minsk agreements, ”he told reporters in response to the question of what needs to be done to prevent further escalation in Ukraine in Ukraine.

According to him, “now these countries have to pay for their actions.”

The Kremlin representative noted that “they need to realize all the cynicism and all the negative consequences of their own game, in which they played, deceiving Moscow, deceiving the Donbass and trying to prepare a more terrible fate for them.”

“What Russia prevented and what Russia did not allow,” he summed up.