Peskov: Russian Federation does not abandon its requirement for non -profit of Ukraine in NATO

Russia does not abandon its requirements for the NATO NOW NOW. So the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov commented on the reports that appeared in the media that Moscow is allegedly ready to change its position on Ukraine’s entry into NATO.

“This is a wrong message. It is absolutely not true,” said Peskov, whose words are given by the media.

In addition, the Kremlin spokesman commented on the results of the UN Security Council on the situation with a shot down Russian IL-76 in the Belgorod Region.

“There is still no decisive condemnation from the Western countries of this terrifying terrorist act, the terrifying destruction of the aircraft, which was transported for us, first of all, nevertheless, there were our pilots and our accompanying people, that is, the Russians were killed, but And a very large number of prisoners of war of Ukrainian died. We did not hear a word of condemnation. In this regard, of course, ”Peskov said in response to the question of whether the Russian Federation arranged the results of the meeting.

At the same time, the Kremlin representative refused to comment on the statements that sounded in Kyiv that some of the Ukrainian prisoners of war, called the dead during the crash of the IL-76, were transferred to Ukraine during previous exchanges. “No, I don’t know anything about it,” Peskov said. “I also do not know that these lists were officially published,” he added.

Commenting on the possible refusal of Ukraine to extend the contract with the Russian Federation on gas transit, Peskov said that such initiatives will lead to a change in all the logistics chains leading to the EU countries.

“There is a question of how this gas will fall into [European countries]. Of course, there are existing routes related to Turkey, there are supplies of liquefied gas that are so demanded now. There are alternative routes, but, firstly, they are all all Already blocked in many respects. Of course, this will lead to a change in all logistics chains, ”he said.