Peskov: United States will continue its involvement in Ukrainian conflict

The United States will continue its involvement in the Ukrainian conflict. So the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov commented on the adoption of the US temporary budget, which does not imply funds to help Kyiv.

“It is obvious that this is a temporary phenomenon. Of course, America will continue its involvement in this conflict,” said the representative of the Kremlin.

At the same time, the Kremlin representative noted the “fatigue” in the world from the sponsoring of Ukraine.

“We have repeatedly said earlier that, according to our forecasts, fatigue from this conflict, fatigue from completely absurd sponsoring the Kiev regime will grow in different countries, including in the United States. This fatigue will lead to fragmentation of a political establishment and an increase in contradictions “, – said Peskov.

Earlier, both chambers of the American parliament were approved, and US President Joe Biden signed the law on the extension of financing the federal government of the country for 45 days (until November 17). The document does not include assistance to Ukraine.

A ban on the entry of Russian cars into a number of EU countries

In addition, Peskov called absurd restrictions on the EU for the entry of cars with Russian numbers.

“We must do as best for us. Not every time it can be a mirror reaction. Of course, such absolutely absurd solutions once again have a negative impact on the already in a deplorable state of our relationship and, by the way, do not paint far The leadership of these countries that make such decisions, ”Peskov noted.

The ban on the entry of Russian cars is already operating in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland and Estonia, and from October 3 will be introduced in Norway. It is also reported that Bulgaria will make a ban on the entry of cars with Russian numbers from the end of the day on Monday, October 2.

The statement of the Moldavian side for gas

In addition, in the Kremlin he responded to the statement of the Moldavian country for gas, in particular, the refusal to purchase Russian gas in connection with the profitable proposal of European suppliers.

“If I understand correctly, the contacts between Gazprom and Moldova continue, especially since the Moldovan side has debts, there is a dispute relative to the size of these debts. This dialogue should continue … Of course, you need to understand the details. And most importantly, this is Of course, to resolve all the debt relations of the Moldovan side with Gazprom, ”he issued.

“Yes, on the spot you can now buy gas, which in the end by origin will most likely turn out to be Russian in the European market. It is possible that Moldova did it,” the representative of the Kremlin added.

Earlier, the Minister of Energy of Moldova Viktor Parlikov said that the republic “completely switched to deliveries from the European Union.” According to him, Chisinau managed to purchase fuel in the European market, and at a lower price.