Pistorius: Germany at borders of possibilities for supply of tanks to Kyiv

Germany does not exclude new solutions for sending equipment to Ukraine, however, the reserves of tanks in the country that can be delivered to Kyiv are “approaching the borders”.

This was stated by the Minister of Defense of Germany Boris Pistorius in an interview with the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung.

“It would be absurd if I had now eliminated new supply of tanks, – said the head of the Ministry of Defense of Germany.“ But my question is as follows: where do they get from? We come to the borders. We still have obligations in NATO. ”

Pistorius again noted that “now is not the time for enthusiastic cries.”

“This is a very serious solution, which, of course, has an impact on the Bundeswehr. Not everything in Germany is delighted with the supply of tanks. Half of the population is concerned, the other half welcomes this,” he said.

The German minister added that the supply of tanks to Kyiv does not make Germany a side of hostilities.

“According to international law, we are safe, all the experts tell us, – he said.“ We do not violate the borders of the Russian Federation. We are not an active side of the conflict, and will remain in the future. “